How Mature Are Your Health System's Value Analysis Decision-Making Processes?

This white paper explains how health systems can mature from making event-based decisions to creating and sustaining a value-based culture of collaboration.

Entitled Total Value Management: The Evolution of Value Analysis, it describes the five phases of decision-making maturity at work within the modern health system, allowing organizations to:

  • Understand “value” holistically, strategically, and within a healthcare-specific context.
  • Determine the effectiveness of value-adjacent efforts.
  • Identify the people, processes, data, and technologies necessary to improve value analysis.
  • Align financial, operational, and qualitative objectives.
  • Nurture rigorous, unbiased, and evidence-based decision-making.


The white paper was written by:

  • Dee Donatelli, Director of Value Analysis Consulting for TractManager
  • Mark Kestner, Chief Medical Officer of TractManager
  • Winifred Hayes, Founder of Hayes, Inc.
  • Kristin Stitt, Value Analysis Consulting Manager for TractManager

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