A Collaborative Value Analysis Framework

When assessing performance, does your health system look in both directions—past and future?

When it comes to value analysis, just one blind spot can lead to unforeseen consequences in patient outcomes and satisfaction, cost of care, and clinician engagement.

The Comprehensive Safe Start is a structured framework that facilitates a true 360-degree view, embracing evidence-based clinical assessment, financial metrics, clinical effectiveness, and infrastructural capacity.

By applying this methodology, health systems can identify potential risks as well as engage their workforce in more collaborative—and ultimately more effective—decision-making processes.

Download this new white paper, written by industry experts Dr. Mark Kestner, Dee Donatelli, Dr. Kristin Stitt, and Barry Dyer, and learn how to:

  • Better assess the clinical, infrastructural, and financial impact of a technology.
  • Foster more inclusive and effective value analysis decisions.
  • Achieve measurable improvements in Quadruple Aim performance indicators.


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