Improving your healthcare organization’s financial wellness starts with measuring it.

Analyzing data is the key to measuring and understanding your healthcare organization’s financial health—or lack thereof. Unfortunately, many healthcare organizations do not have a full grasp on their operational data. Furthermore, they aren’t prepared to use insights from that data to improve their systems and processes.  

Trace Devanny and Dr. Mark Kestner explain why the financial health of your healthcare organization needs to be your top priority.  

This informative white paper outlines the necessary steps to improving your healthcare organization’s financial wellness by measuring and analyzing:   

  • Supply chain spend. 
  • Contract discrepancies.  
  • Revenue cycle optimization opportunities. 
  • Compliance irregularities.  

By examining your clinical, financial, and operational data, you can uncover opportunities to improve systems, processes, and your bottom line.   

Download the white paper to start your journey.  

Our Authors:

Trace Devanny

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Mark Kestner

Chief Medical Officer


Measure It to Manage It: Beginning the Journey to Hospital Financial Wellness